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Ideas for Branch Meetings

Quiz about worldwide membership (2 ways)

Find all the countries on a map of the world where we have Mothers’ Union.

Identify all the countries where we have Mothers’ Union – and then place them on a map

The list of countries is found here.

Read the Newspapers

Take along several newspapers (it can be helpful if they were all printed on the same day but it is not essential) – and share out among those present. If you have time, you could ask everyone to bring one along to make life easy for yourself.

Ask members to look for one or more of the following:

  • Articles relevant to Mothers’ Union Aims and objectives
  • Social Policy Issues
  • Articles about Families
  • Some Good news stories

Share what you’ve found – and why each person found the article interesting. Sometimes people choose the same story – look how they are reported differently in each newspaper.

Bible verses about items that can be sold

Ask each member to bring a saleable item mentioned in the Bible, with the appropriate reference.

In turn, members show the item they have brought and read the Bible passage. Larger branches might need to divide into smaller groups to do this.

Sell all the items brought for a Mothers’ Union fund.

There are variations on this theme – you don’t need to bring along the item (a camel in your meeting place might be a bit problematical) – a picture might be more appropriate – and you don’t have to sell the items (although if you do manage to sell a camel we’d love to hear from you!).

Bye Buy Childhood

Ask each person the following questions:

  • What is your most recent major purchase? (something more than £100 – so not an everyday item)
  • If it was the first time you’ve owned such an item:
  • Why did you decide you wanted/needed this item?
  • If it was a replacement purchase:
  • Were you replacing an item which was broken/worn out?
  • Was the item you were replacing still serviceable, but you wanted a new item?
  • What influenced you in making your purchasing decision?

Bye Buy Childhood Quiz

Find pictures of lots of logos and see who can identify the most. Try designing a logo for a NEW brand of a household necessity eg: a new loo paper called Angora soft; a new brand of cleaning products called Sparkling; a new brand of sportswear called Jump to it. You can make up whatever takes your fancy!

Have a quiz with pictures of commercial logos with brand names removed. How many can your members identify? A sample quiz can be found here, and the answers here

Finding things in common

Let people get into pairs or threes. Ask them to find two or more things that they all have in common – maybe a birthday, your bra size, your middle name – it is not as easy as you think (but do not accept church or Mothers’ Union – too simple!). Try not to put good friends together!

Fairtrade quiz

See how many correct answers each person (or group) knows from this quiz

Write prayers

Put people into groups of two or three and ask them to write a prayer about different aspects of the churches year, or different needs of the world. You could produce a long list of starting points dependent upon the time you have available. Share – and then send them to our webmaster!

Share favourite Bible verses or hymns

This does need a little preparation: Ask people to bring along their favourite Bible verse or hymn and tell the others why they have chosen it.

What you don’t know about me…

Give everyone a slip of paper as they arrive and ask them to write a statement about themselves that they don’t think others will know, but that they are happy to share. This could be an interest or pastime, something they are good at, something they have done in the past, an unusual experience, etc. What is written on the slip should not be shared or discussed.

When everyone has given in their slip, write all the statements on a sheet of flip chart paper as a numbered list, making sure there are no clues to the originators identity.

Make sure everyone has a pen and paper, then ask them to note down the person they think wrote the statement. (You might want to take the opportunity for everyone to say their name, rather than assume that everyone knows each other!)

Go through the list on the flip chart asking people to ‘own’ their statement. Do allow some time for people to explain or expand on what they have written, if appropriate

What do other members appreciate about you?

(from Cleeve & Claverham branch, Bath & Wells)

Each person writes their name at the bottom of a sheet of paper. They then pass it to the next person, who looks at the name at the bottom and writes something positive about that person: a quality, something about that person they admire, a gift or talent. As in a game of Consequences, they then fold over the top of the paper, so that what they have written is hidden from the next person, but the person’s name is still visible at the bottom of the sheet That person then writes what they admire/appreciate.

When everyone has written on the sheet, it is then given to the person whose name appears at the bottom.

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Upcoming Events

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  3. Hughenden Branch

    October 2 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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    October 2 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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