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Guidelines, checklists and other resources – archived

The key to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy environment, equipment and systems of working is to manage all hazards and risk.

Members, volunteers and staff should identify the hazards associated with any activity they plan to undertake and assess the risks to establish whether any precautions should be taken to ensure risks do not exceed a tolerable level.  Risk level can range from negligible (insignificant) to high (unacceptable) with the precautions and costs needed increasing accordingly.  Generally, risk assessment for routine activities, where the level of risk is negligible, may not necessitate documentation.  However, before commencing the activity, vigilance is recommended to ensure that nothing significant has changed at the venue, to the participants or with any equipment to be used such that the level of risk may have increased.

If the risk cannot be reduced to a low level it is advised that the documented risk assessment be agreed with an individual having the appropriate authority (e.g. incumbent, church warden, venue manager).

Before commencement of the activity the participants should be briefed on the actions and precautions they are to observe.

The documented risk assessment should be kept available for consultation by interested parties before and during the activity.  Retention of the document is advised for use at future events.

Resources have been identified and gathered from a number of sources, in particular from Mary Sumner House and Health & Safety Executive.  These are supplemented by items specific to MU Diocese of Oxford events.  These resources provide information on good working practices, the management of risk and legal requirements.

Guidelines and associated check lists cover the following subjects:

Using this table MU Members and volunteers may identify the resources needed according to their role, responsibility and the activity to be undertaken. Cross referencing Activity and Role, read across the table below to find advice and hyperlinks to guidelines and checklists.  Initial reference should be made to the MU Diocese of Oxford resources.

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