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Branch Treasurer

Email contact is essential for this role. Please send your details, including your email address to the MU Office: membership.secretary@muoxford.org.uk as soon as possible after your appointment.

1.      The branch treasurer is responsible for the money held in the branch account(s) and any petty cash. Keep petty cash secure. Branch funds are part of the total reserves of our charity, Mothers’ Union, Diocese of Oxford. Do not let branch funds build up, but use them for your running costs and projects. Any excess funds should be sent to the MU Treasurer c/o The MU Office, CMS House, Watlington Road, Oxford OX4 6BZ before the end of the year. Cheques should be made payable to “Mothers’ Union, Diocese of Oxford”. Download a Donations Form here.

2.      The branch treasurer is responsible for monitoring and recording all the income and expenditure that goes through the branch. Complete and return the annual consolidated accounts form sent by the Diocesan Treasurer.

3.      Complete the Annual Branch Gift Aid Form, normally printed on green paper. The total amount per member should include donations as well as the subscription.

4.      Arrange for the accounts to be audited.

5.      Ensure there are three signatories to the branch account and that each cheque is signed by two of these.

6.      Collect annual subscriptions due in January. Some members may be paying by Direct Debit to MSH. Your subscription list will give you this information. Branch subscriptions together with donations to the MU Diocese and MSH funds should be sent to the Diocesan Office with the annual consolidated accounts form NOT LATER than mid-March.

7.      Keep a stock of current finance forms and give them to new members when appropriate:

  • Bank Mandate for payment of subs by Direct Debit
  • Gift Aid Declaration
  • Families First magazine subscription application and payment form. From 2019 members are subscribing to this magazine individually and not through the branch.

8.      Request Gift Aid envelopes from the MU Office if your branch is hosting an area event and there is to be a collection. Bank the money, send a cheque and empty GA envelopes to the Diocese. Record on each envelope how much was donated.

9.      Always work to support your branch leader and committee if one has been set up, in order to co-ordinate the running of the branch, to promote the aims and objectives through all aspects of the branch and the work of the global, national and local Mothers’ Union.

10.   Attend training as necessary.

11.   In return you will be able to:

  • Receive expenses for the work you have undertaken as part of your role
  • Receive the support of other branch correspondents, your AVP and Diocesan Secretary

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