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Make May Matter 2021

This year the format we have used for Make May Matter will be very difficult to use because of social distancing, lockdown and being unable to meet with friends and neighbours.

We have decided to offer you a different way of gathering funds for AFIA, which is most appropriate to the situation we find ourselves in at the moment.

Last year the CHURN benefice was urged to make ‘thank you’ cards for key workers, NHS workers and anyone that did essential work to keep things moving.  This could be shop workers, Doctors, nurses, surgeries, bin men, or good neighbours helping those that can’t get out and about.

The Rev. Louise Butler put a notice in our parish magazine and on our church website that said this:


to make and send 100 cards in May
to those who have been affected by the pandemic
and those we want to thank for giving their help during this crisis.

It was suggested that people ‘sponsor’ a local hero or someone they knew that had gone above and beyond the call of duty.

We suggest donations of £5 or £10 (or more!) along with the name and address of the person to be sponsored. Cash or cheque was given in a sealed envelope to Rev. Louise and cards duly sent out from the MU thanking the recipient sponsored.  This was not to be targeted at only MU Members, but the whole of the community of our 7 villages.   The MU had another part to play.    MU members would be supplying the stamps, making, and writing cards and posting them.

Crafty MU members were encouraged to make cards to send to the sponsored heros’, and were given a list of names and addresses to write to and post.  For those who could not make cards, the crafters made lots of extras to be distributed to other members, so that people only had a small number of cards to write and post.   Our target was 100, but we easily managed that and the sponsorship raised a huge £700 for AFIA.  The cards had a message written to the sponsored person and was sent from the Churn MU.  The MU logo was put on the back of the card.

Do you think you could do this for our AFIA charity?   Do you have some crafty members who can make cards to be distributed to other members for posting and writing?  We still have people who need our AFIA breaks and this can happen as soon as things get back to normal, but we have to be able to fund the holiday breaks.

Please give this some consideration and think about how you can help. Please click on the links below for a step by step guide and craft resource.

Step by step guide to setting up Sponsor a Hero.

Craft resource – card backing papers and toppers

Rosie Jackson Kilham.
Fundraising & Communications Unit

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