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A Hope and A Future CCM Pilot

Church in community imageWe are delighted to announce that Mothers’ Union in our diocese has been invited by Mary Sumner House (MSH) to participate in a pilot of the Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM)Process. This pilot will take place in the Reading Archdeaconry in parishes where there are no current Mission initiatives taking place.
The aim of the CCM process is to inspire groups through biblical based stories which encourage people into knowing they can bring about transformation for their communities. The pilot, which will take place in the autumn, is a partnership between MSH, Bishop Andrew Proud and Oxford Mothers’ Union (who are all contributing funding for this). We are hoping that following the pilot, we will be able to replicate this elsewhere in our diocese and other dioceses will want to take up the initiative too. This is not something we have embarked on lightly.
This resource called ‘A Hope and A Future’ is being written by Bill Crooks and Jackie Mouradian from Mosaic Creative who are based in Wokingham. They have also written other Mothers’ Union CCM resources – Eagle in Uganda and Awaken (which combines CCM with literacy) in DRC Congo and Guyana.
A Hope and A Future will enable parishes to identify community resources and needs, analyse them and plan church and community initiatives to address them. Mothers’ Union (where possible) will be part of that.

Some clergy will be taking part in an Envisioning Day on 1st July.
Please pray for this initiative.
Our prayer this month is by John Birch www.faithandworship.com
Open our minds to new horizons,
new experiences and a new way of looking at life.
And so may we live by the Spirit,
bearing rich fruit to your glory.

The Spirit came and your Church was born,
in wind and fire and words of power.

The Spirit came blowing fear aside,
and in its place weak hearts were stronger.

The Spirit came as your word foretold,
with dreams and signs, visions and wonders.

The Spirit came and is here today,
to feed the hearts of a world that hungers.

May the boldness of the Spirit transform us,
may the gentleness of the Spirit lead us,
may the gifts of the Spirit equip us. Amen

We are also praying that by showing the clergy just how proactive Mothers’ Union is about Mission, then they will see a real need for our presence in their parishes – especially if they don’t have Mothers’ Union at the moment.
If you have any questions, then please get in touch – it is wonderful that something which has been so successful in Africa will become a reality in Oxford diocese and we hope you will become as enthusiastic about it too

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